Clinic Management System

Xcelcuré clinic management system is independent and self-sufficient web-based solution which can be deployed on cloud as well as on-premises. Clinics having diagnostic center attached xcelcuré laboratory management application comes as bundle with finance and reporting module.

Footfall and Revenue Dashboard

A graphical presentation of doctor wise patient consultation and revenue generation over a selected period is available based on the user’s role and privileges.

Availability Dashboard

A calendar window to display availability of doctors with patient booking counter. This feature makes front desk job easy selecting a certain date and booking appointment on same window with just a click.

Registration, Billing, Appointment Schedule, Reschedule and Cancelation

Patient registration with minimum input of four details followed by billing with provision of multiple payment options are generally completed in 3 minutes. Doctor appointment is scheduled either on phone call (provisional) or by physical presence in the clinic. Appointment can be rescheduled also on other available date or cancelled followed by refund option. Billing for other clinical services is also provisioned in out-patient billing section. There is option available to print stationery with doctor and patient details and blank space for handwritten prescription. Once appointment is confirmed and scheduled, queue serial is generated and displayed in QMS board.

Queue Management System

Application is compatible with any Queue management System (QMS) with serial communication port or exposed REST API.

Nursing Notes

Application has provision to capture patient vitals collected by out-patient nurse. Vitals collected ar results, images not older than one year can be uploaded in the system for doctor’s reference.

Doctor Consultation

Doctor consultation window has been designed to collect all information in specified prescription format (observation, provisional diagnosis, clinical advice – medication, reporting, imaging) with integration availability with diagnostic system, pharmacy. Digitized prescription can be prepared either by typing or by using digital pen and printed directly on printer or exported as portable document.

Digital Prescription

Digitized prescription is provisioned either by typing or by using light pen and printed directly on printer or exported as portable document. Prescription is automatically retained for future reference and linked with patient id. It is also available in mobile. Medicines, lab tests and imaging prescribed in prescription is automatically notified to front desk and respective departments.


Telemedicine facility available over the mobile app or using camera integrated with application.


Patient’s prescription is retained in digital format. Electronic Health and Medical records are collected using ABDM integration and clinical records.

Doctor Scheduling, vacation and slot switching

A pleasant and visual form is designed to schedule consulting doctor’s visiting schedule. There is option of blocking calendar for vacation to auto discard any appointment during vacation. Options available to switch visiting time as well.

Billing & Reports

Ample of reports and analytics available for clinical management categorized singularly or in combination of doctor, patient, specialty, time-period, demography, diagnosis, prescribed medicines, lab tests, imaging, revenues, payment mode etc.


Receipt vouchers is automatically posted against each confirmed booking. Each refund triggers an automated payment voucher as well. Integrated Finance module is a full-fledged accounting module with cash/bank book, books of ledger, daybook, periodical trial balance, profit and loss and balance sheet. This module is equipped and capable enough to handle accounts of all clinic income and expenses.

Follow up reminder

An automated patient consultation follow-up reminder is sent as advised by doctor through SMS

Prescribed Lab test, imaging, and medicines auto notification

Medicines, lab tests and imaging prescribed in prescription is automatically notified to front desk and respective departments.

SMS, e-Mail, other communication channel integration

Application can be integrated with any SMS gateway over the REST API on internet. It can also be integrated with any Email service provider through REST or SMTP. Other communication channels (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitters etc.) can also be integrated with the application provided REST API integration is available.

Role based access (RBAC)

Menu wise view/add/modify/delete option available against assigned role. Thus, access level is categorized on role assigned to front desk, accounts and manager and accordingly application privileges distributed