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xcelcure is a patient-centric Hospital Management System suitable for small nursing homes to multispecialty hospitals located in different geo-location. An all-in-one 360-degree solution for OP management, and IP management (ADT process) including doctor discovery, appointment scheduling, check-in, billing, EHR, and prescription management with a fully functional mobile application.

Hospital Management System

Technology has improved immensely in recent days. Improving the quality of one’s life is an important benefit of technology in healthcare. Besides, it also reduces the burden of staff in the hospital and improves the health of the patient easily and efficiently.

The three keys in the healthcare sector are - Technological enablement, Digitization and Automation This transformation with the Hospital Management System switches traditional hospitals into Smart Hospitals. Moreover. Smart hospitals have the potential for exponential growth.

Lab Management

Handle your orders, automate report generations, enable smart notifications. Further, switch to analytical reports with an online Hospital management system. Radiology is equipped with an inbuilt DYCOM viewer and Integrated with PACS. Laboratory dashboard for quick view of orders, testing completed and reports generated. Availability of test data approval/rejection flow by pathologist. Integrated with Finance.


Doctor’s scheduling, availability dashboard, appointment booking, queue management and digital prescription. Access delegation for discounts and other benefits offered to patient. Automated voucher posting in Finance for booking. Integrated with SMS and Mail gateway for notification.


Medicine purchase request & order, drug issue to patient and billing, physical stock verification and adjustment, supplier & manufacturer information, reports about stock in hand and complete details of medicines. Medicine stock maintenance, expired items list, return of items nearing expiry, automatic reordering level—minimum stock setting.

In-Patient Management

ICD11 integrated Admission Discharge Transfer (ADT) Management, Automated Discharge Summary, Automated nurse rostering, nursing dashboard for patient care, medicine administration reminder, digitized bed note for patient’s daily medical history (EHR & EMR), approval based work flow for medicine and lab indent. Integrated with pharmacy, OT, laboratory module. Automated doctor’s alert for critical patient in mobile app. Admitted patient’s medical history along with reports is accessible on mobile app for doctor and nurse’s. SLA management for TAT of medical and non-medical services. Dietary management. Automated and scheduled recurring service charge, provision of separate charges for corporate, TPA, government schemes and cash patients. Integrated with Finance. Patient Daycare, Cath lab management.

Branch Management

Manage all your branches with a single platform with an integrated online Hospital Management System. Also, access entire data across your branches too.

Ward Management (ADT)

App integrated Admission to Discharge or Transfer workflows is well managed in the application. Provision of vital collection, digitized bed note, medicine requisitions, raise indent for lab test, inventory items, transfer to other bed or OT are all considered within flow. Discharge summary is automated prefilled with patient medical history, treatment history and doctor’s advice. Treatment history are displayed separately with option to share with Insurance provider.


Purchase of non-medical item, maintaining product list with HSN, internal requisition and issue.

TPA Management

Record patient’s insurance and TPA details, billing to organization, TPA & insurance companies, integration with other modules for discharge summaries and other details. Dashboard for submitted claims, outstanding and payment status.

OT Management

OT availability check, operation scheduling, anesthetist's and surgeon's operation notes recording provision with bed transfer flow.


Automated vouchers for all clinical transaction from OPD, IPD, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Inventory. Day book, ledger balance with drill down facility, trial balance, profit & loss statement. Export to excel, pdf enabled for all reports.

Nursing Roster & Dashboard

Automated cost optimized nurse rostering is available within the application with planner of workforce requirement based on active patients, criticality and skill required. Nurse dashboard displays ward wise patient status and facilitates nurse to apply medicine on right time to maintain SLA threshold. This option also helps nurse to handle every steps of patient care. Detail report with export facility is available. App integrated module has option of critical notification, remote doctor consultancies.


RBAC is enabled across the application up to menu level. Department and functionality wise application access can be controlled. For financial approvers access can be delegated to few people to special discounts or rate. In HRMS, staff details are managed and password is kept encrypted. Every event is being monitored and a log file maintained. Application runs on highly secured 256 bit SSL encryption on modern TLS 1.3. On cloud platform.

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xcelcuré™ universal citizen digital healthcare management system

xcelcure™ - an universal citizen digital healthcare management system comprised with ICD11 compatible Finance integrated HMS with EMR & EHR and other modules like Inventory, out-patient, in-patient, nursing module etc., a location based mobile app to help doctors and nurses provide better service and help citizen to store their medical records, avail doctor consultation and find out nearby medical facilities are available both for Android and iOS variant and a marketplace for displaying nearby medical facilities— common platform for businesses to post their service offerings and citizen to find and get support of nearby medical facilities. This is a SaaS based web application hosted in eminent cloud service provider and reachable from anywhere with internet connectivity. There is on-premise model also available without mobile app synchronization. xcelcure™ ecosystem is integrated with the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) with facilities of ABHA address creation, Discovery of Health Information, Linking of health records with a given ABHA Address, View Health Records and consents Management.

Salient Features

Revenue data analysis, KPI dashboard, Finance dashboard with role based access (RBAC)

xcelcuré™ Healthcare Mobile App

A robust mobile app available for android and iOS to cater information of nearby medical facilities to citizen.

Citizen can upload family medical records, set vaccine & medicine reminder, order medicine online, get appointment booked for consultancy, avail doctor consultancy over video conferencing. They can search and avail nearby medical facilities displayed on mobile from marketplace. In case any of family member get admitted in hospital, billing details, patient status, doctor consultancy is available.

How the ecosystem will help all healthcare professionals…

  • Monitoring & improving real-time data for development of independent departments like Housekeeping, Maintenance, F&B, Laundry etc.
  • Better customer delight and reducing negative review (since issues are addressed instantly). Better patient care resulting in early recovery of patient and thereby increasing business.
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicator) dashboard highlights hospital performance metrics and alert for any improvement area.
  • Optimization & Utilization of manpower based on request frequency in certain hours (e.g. In hospitals, frequency of most request of change of linen happens during 3am-8am)
  • Optimization of inventory and immediate escalation in case of failed TAT, with real time grievance management.
  • Reducing Clinical Negligence cases using TAT based alarming service to Doctors, Nurse, Patient Parties and associated TPA/Insurance cos -based on digital bed notes/prescriptions- biometric based validation on every round for patient, doctors, nurse.
  • Facility’s Respective Personnel and authorities gets timely alerts (rather in advance) for all renewal of licenses, date of expiry, etc.
  • Reduces last minute rush
This includes different kind of filing with respective agencies, authorities, etc.

Benefit of Implementing xcelcuré™ Healthcare Ecosystem

  • Digital medical records reduce the errors and records each data in detail
  • Provides easy access to patient history
  • Improves efficiency of the staff
  • Manages hospital facilities efficiently
  • The use of technology reduces the time-consumption
  • Hospital management software is cost-effective and helps in tax planning
  • Hospital management system software improves market strategies and provides better financial control
  • Automates Insurance claims processing
  • Improves data security
  • Catalyst in achieving quality ratings
  • Easy tracking of inventory supplies
  • Improved audit controls
  • Enhanced patient care