Jewellery Management System is well designed modern application to address all difficulties in industries daily complex need on accounts, taxation, billing, payout, and inventories. Application is ERP based – supports multiple branches, multiple users. Application can be implemented on premise and in cloud. Centralized database, automated backup, integrated analytics drives your business ahead than others. Supports all model of Jewelry business – Manufacturing, Wholesale, Retail. We are providing business solution with technical acumen over last 20 years with trust.

  • Supplier management.
  • Bullion, Silver, and Astrological Gems, Diamond, Studded Diamond purchase.
  • Old purchase (Metal, Gem).
  • Purchase register.
  • Finished Ornament Purchase.
Issue & Receipt, Hallmarking
  • Bullion, Silver, Gem, Old Gold issue to smith.
  • Caret conversion calculation and stock reconciliation.
  • Finished Gold (New ornament) receipt from smith.
  • Product code creation with option of bar code, HUID, QR Code, image store (Bulk product code generation option available) .
  • Product hallmarking process.
  • Ornament issue / sales / transfer in bulk to other branch / customers.
  • Register for Issue, Receipt, Hallmarking.
  • Order from Customer.
  • Order processing (Metal issue to smith and receipt of finished ornament).
  • Order management.
  • Order Register.
  • Metal, Gem sales to customer with multiple payment option.
  • Invoicing with Product HUID code, HSN code.
  • e-invoicing with QR code generation.
  • Gem invoice with referral astrologer mapping.
  • Sales return.
  • Sales Register
  • New stock entry, HUID generation, HSN Code and hallmarking.
  • Stock reconciliation.
  • Stock adjustment.
  • Stock splitting.
  • Stock issue, receipt, and transfer.
  • Stock valuation.
  • Stock aging.
  • Stock Movement
  • Stock maintenance prediction and suggestion using artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Stock demand – supply chain process.
  • Stock register for Metal, Gem, Diamond.
Tax Management
  • Automated incorporation of latest GST applicable rate for individual HSN product.
  • e-Way bill.
  • Input tax credit register.
  • ITC claim option.
  • Product HSN code wise individual GST calculated register.
  • Input and Output tax register.
Smith Management
  • Smith management (New Entry, Activate/Deactivate Smith, Smith Closure).
  • Automated ledger posting.
  • Smith Register to track issue, receipt, manufacturing loss, balance weight retained/owed.
  • Smith payout.
  • Astrologer management (New Entry, Activate/Deactivate, Closure).
  • Astrologer payout.
  • Referral Analytics
  • Automated double-entry bookkeeping.
  • Automated voucher posting for every financial transaction (Sales, Advance, Refund, Payment, Receipt).
  • Group ledger and Subledger creation.
  • Payment, Receipt, Contra, Journal voucher entry option.
  • Cash / Bank book.
  • Books of Ledger – with drill down option up to voucher entry.
  • Day book.
  • Trial Balance.
  • Statement of Profit and Loss.
  • Balance Sheet.
  • Cash / Fund Flow.
  • Financial Reports.
  • There are hundreds of reports, graphs, analytics on stock, sales, purchase, finance, taxation, orders, trending, valuation.
  • Reports are customizable.
  • Export option to Excel, CSV, PDF.
  • Dynamic report option.
  • Centralized Database.
  • On-Premises and Cloud hosting compatibility.
  • Multi branch compatible.
  • Controlling multiple branches from single window.
  • Automated backup.
  • Automated data export to centralized database.
  • Analytics of daily sales, daily notes, MIS report, Trending, Sales comparison on web and mobile.
  • Easy installation.